Streisand Responds To Larry Kramer’s Attack


As you know, Larry Kramer wrote the powerful 1985 play The Normal Heart, about life in the trenches during the early days of the AIDS crisis.

Barbra Streisand was going to direct the movie version at one point, but there were problems in drumming up the kind of money Larry wanted (among other conflicts).

Well, just the other day, Larry shot off an angry email to Barbra, reopening the wound that for him still festers as if brand new. (It happened when Larry kept her abreast of the raves the play is still getting and she responded that this made her sad that she’s not directing it.)

Kramer lashed out at Barbra, saying that when her option on the material ran out, she could have bought it instead of redecorating her home one more time!

He said he required a certain amount of money because an AIDS activist/author doesn’t exactly make a fortune, and besides, “You couldn’t tell me what you didn’t like about my screenplays.”

And now the superstar has replied.

Says she:

“I think it’s unfair to keep blaming me for the movie not getting made.

“I worked on it for 25 years without pay.”

She describes the challenges and hurdles that made getting the film done impossible.

She also says that Kramer re-offered her the chance to direct the film not long ago (it’s in Ryan Murphy‘s hands now.)

But Barbra says she couldn’t agree to it because the deal came with the proviso that she had to stick to Kramer’s screenplay, and who knows, changes might have been necessary.

They both make decent points, but I wish these two would stop sending messages to each other and just make the freakin’ movie already!

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