First Corn Appears in Farmers’ Markets


Even the chalkboard is excited.

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The first ears of corn rolled into area farmers’ markets today, and the silk-clad beauties showed up at both Abingdon Square and Union Square Greenmarkets. The first corn of the year flaunts big white kernels (no bi-color or yellow yet), and is surpassingly sweet, with ears that show no bruising or blight.

White wins the corn race.

The first corn comes from South Jersey, specifically from farms around Bridgeton in the deep south of the state, which, strangely enough had a classic plantation economy in the early 19th century.

Predictably, at three ears for $2, the corn is on the expensive side. Look for prices to drop down to the usual two or three ears for a dollar in mid-July.

Corn display at Abingdon Square