A Day in the Tweeting Life of Rupert Murdoch


When it rains, it pours.
The CEO of NewsCorp is a recent inductee to the Twitter community, joining this past December and, for someone who owns a sliver of the world, still only has 250,000 followers or so. But such perfect timing: just as the Parliamentary inquiry into Murdoch’s business was heating up, the Aussie businessman’s Twitter feed ran parallel to what he was saying to British lawmakers.
It was like his plea in 140 characters. Other than that, his tweets are mostly neutral, focusing more on article recommendations and family outings.
But, today was a bit different. In a matter of hours, Murdoch, through three separate tweets, has managed to upset both the Scientology and Republican communities in the most subtlety Murdochian way possible. (Murdochian, adj. – performing an act with the Imperial grace of Darth Vader).
With great power comes great tweets.

It all started with a simple tweet about the Romney tent:


After meeting the Presidential hopeful last week, presumably in a dark castle somewhere, Murdoch came to the conclusion that his team is worthless in comparison to Obama’s, specifically on the issue of immigration. Along with Bloomberg and other business folk, Murdoch is all about the economic benefits of immigration. And, according to his tweet, he doesn’t think the Republican candidate has his shit together. The inclusion of ‘Doubtful’ at the end has the “Pshhhh” tone to it, too, like a quote out of Mean Girls. With the head of conservative media not on your side, this spells trouble for Romney.

And then, in a complete 180, Murdoch turned his attention to the Holmes/Cruise debacle and its Scientology foundations – a beat Voice editor-in-chief, Tony Ortega, has been covering:



Rupert Murdoch called the followers of Scientology creepy and evil. Enough said.

Expect the masses to swarm:


As per usual for anyone with over 10,000 tweeters following your every word, a controversial statement is going to cause some sort of blowback. But, also as per usual for Murdoch, he is unfazed by the attacks. And he vows to “stick to [his] story,” which is just saying that Scientologists are evil and creepy.

Oh, Rupert. We love you.

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