5 Boozy Sweets Meant to Start a Buzz in New York


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When Jane’s Sweet Buns–known for their alcoholic cinnamon buns–closed a few weeks ago, we were concerned where to get sweet treats with a buzz. We set out on a mission to find some other delicious desserts that might make us a little tipsy after a meal.

Prohibition Bakery: Though they don’t have a storefront anymore, Prohibition is still rolling out mini cupcakes with spirit-filled centers. We tried the chocolate bacon beer, strawberry daiquiri, and Bee’s Knees–a mixture of lemon, gin, orange and bee pollen. They sell one for $2 or three for $5. The Bee’s Knees has the most booze for your buck, but the alcohol is obvious in all of the two-bite confections. Hester St. Fair every Saturday, 646-454-9970

Chikalicious: The East Village dessert club rolls out shaved ice and specialty pies, but alcohol lies in the Jack Daniels sugar-pecan bread pudding ($7.95). Served with thick vanilla ice cream that acts as a chaser, the bread pudding is sticky and super sweet, with a whiskey aftertaste. It’s nothing like a stiff drink, but it sure provides a kick to start (or end) a night out. 204 East 10th Street, 212-475-0929

La Maison Du Macaron: The French love their bubbly, and here many of the macarons are infused with various kinds of dessert liquors. The apricot champagne and rose lychee liquor go for $2.50 each. The apricot champagne bites like a sweet Brut, and even tastes a little carbonated. But the rose’s liquor is masked by the floral taste. Bonus: They dust every alcohol-infused maracon with sparkly powder to set them apart. 132 West 23rd Street, 212-243-2757

Coolhaus: The moving truck known for melty ice cream sandwiches has a few alcoholic flavors, but as any server will tell you, it’s all about the cookie choice. We paired the bourbon brown butter candied bacon ice cream with potato chip and butterscotch cookies. The result was a mess of boozy bliss (with real bits of bacon). Certainly the most alcoholic on this list, this sandwich had ribbons of bourbon that resulted in bites like sugared-down shots. 347-252-6660

Veniero’s: The classic Italian bakery carries a handful of alcohol-infused desserts, but their best-selling treat is a tiramisu made with Tia Maria instead of traditional Marsala cooking wine. Though the sweet coffee liquor has a faint taste, it melds perfectly with the layers of cocoa and mascarpone cheese. 342 East 11th Street, 212-647-7070