Connecticut Home-Invasion Monster Steven Hayes Attempted Suicide-By-Oyster. Sadly, He Failed


Somebody needs to get “universally despised” Connecticut murderer Steven Hayes some oysters stat!

Turns out, Hayes — who currently is rotting away on death row after getting convicted in the despicable murders of a Connecticut woman and her two daughters — is deathly allergic to the slimy molluscs, and at one point hatched a bizarre plan to commit suicide by slurping down a few oysters.

Hayes, as you may recall, is one of two men responsible for the brutal home-invasion murders/sexual assaults of Jennifer Hawke-Petit and her daughters, Hayley and Michaela, in their Cheshire home in 2007. The girls’ father, William Petit, survived the ordeal, and had to suffer through the trials of the two men who murdered his family.

Five years after the brutal attack and Hayes finally is opening up about
his life behind bars — he recently granted an exclusive interview to
the Hartford Courant, in which he explains how he lied
to authorities, claiming he’d murdered others in the past, so he could
exchange information for food, like the oysters he planned to use to end
his life.

“I planned to eat them and have them find me dead in my cell the next
morning,” he told the paper from his home on Connecticut’s Death Row.

The plan was a flop, though, as Hayes’ claim that he murdered 17 others
wasn’t considered credible — the judge in the case even scoffed that
“If they are true, he’s one of the great serial killers in modern
American history.”

Clearly, Hayes is not a great serial killer — he’s a pathetic, kid-killing rapist. Nothing more.

In the interview, Hayes comes clean about his bogus claims.

From the Courant:

The letter said he had made some of the girls he kidnapped “pack some
of their stuff” or write good-bye notes to loved ones. Hayes claimed no
one reported the first hitchhiker he killed missing because no one
cared about her.

“With most, a second and third note would be
written, by the girls themselves, and I would mail these weeks and
months later. The notes would be detailed and disarming. This was key
because while the girl would be gone within hours, the notes gave the
appearance of what I wanted, a runaway or a girl who left her boyfriend
or a hooker drug addict who went to greener pastures,” Hayes wrote.


now, sitting behind the glass partition, Hayes, dressed in a yellow
prison jumpsuit with rectangle reading glasses propped on the crown of
his head, was quick to admit it was all a lie, a manipulation. He
appeared more lucid and animated than the deadened, grimacing man
sitting in the courtroom in the fall of 2010 during his trial.

“I made it up,” Hayes said.

Hayes, as we mentioned, is on Death Row, which means taxpayers are on
the hook for housing and feeding this complete piece of shit — not to mention the cost of
dragging his case through the appeals process. These wastes of taxpayer
coin could be easily avoided, apparently for the cost of a few oysters.