Medical Marijuana: Can Long Beach Keep Lighting Up?


Last week, the Voice brought you news that Long Beach was weighing more restrictions on medical marijuana dispensaries.

The city’s move is in keeping with many California municipalities, which have cracked down on prescription pot because of continued federal flak.

Now, however, comes word that Long Beach residents might get to light up for a while longer.

As detailed by the Contra Costa Times, the city council will consider a measure allowing for dispensaries to operate until the state supreme court decides addresses a key conflict in California’s cannabis statues.

Right now, that court is trying to resolve the disconnect between California law — which treats medical marijuana as legal — and federal law — which treats prescription pot as illegal.

The council will vote on the measure tomorrow.

In the last eight months, the New York Times reports, California’s four U.S. Attorneys — with the help of the Drug Enforcement Agency and Internal Revenue Service — have pressured some 500 dispensaries statewide into closing.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on July 2, 2012

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