Scotland’s New Nutritionally Sound Pizzas


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Appalled by the amount of salt and saturated fat found in supermarket prepared foods, Mike Lean of Glasgow University, and Donnie MacLean, the founder of Eat Balanced, have developed a series of “nutritionally-balanced” pizzas, which will be available soon in the freezer aisles of some major British supermarkets.

“We focused on pizza being a lunch or a dinner option. Each pizza gives a complete meal, with all the nutrients in it, for 30% of your day.”

Crusts will be enriched with seaweed, and toppings will include anchovies/onion, roasted vegetables, and prosciutto/fig. Though it seems pretty unlikely that a bit of red pepper (for extra vitamin C!) would benefit anyone eating pizza twice a day, it’s perhaps a step up from cheese-and-sausage-stuffed crusts. [BBC via Grist]

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