All-Time Best Parties: Madonna’s Bedtime Bash


Here’s part two of my “Best and Worst Parties I’ve Ever Been To” series:


Madonna’s “Bedtime Story” party at Webster Hall in 1995

This was a 40-minute, invite-only bash where Junior Vasquez DJ’d, Madonna’s five-million-dollar “Bedtime Story” video was premiered, and our star emerged in slinky nightwear to read a children’s book called Miss Spider’s Tea Party to the panting crowd of Joe Boxer wearers.

This was at a time when Madonna was reasonably playful in all of her artfully carried off gimmickry. She was the biggest star in the world at this point, and an invite to this event made you privy to something way more culturally arresting and glowingly theatrical than the usual crass commerciality I got invited to every night.

And it was all shot for MTV! In fact, the telecast ended with VJ Downtown Julie Brown interviewing yours truly, all dolled up in PJs and a teddy bear, about how intoxicating the whole thing was. DJs, VJs, and PJs! Everything but a BJ!

Anyway, as calculated a marketing tool as this was, the whole thing proved kooky and engaging–a real New York moment, and more fun than the Sex book party Madge threw three years earlier.

(At that one, I was one of the few revelers who dressed up! I was dolled up as the Pope, with a ripped-in-half photo of Sinead O’Connor hanging from my neck.)

There was something much edgier and titillating about Madonna reading from a children’s book than hawking a sex book.

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