Aubrey Lee Price Allegedly Jacked $17 Million From A Bank. Now He’s Missing And Suicidal


The United States Attorney’s Office has filed charges against a Georgia man for allegedly embezzling more than $17 million from the bank he manages. The problem, however, is that he’s now missing — he’s also apparently suicidal.

Aubrey Lee Price has been missing since June 16, after he was last seen boarding a ferry in Key West, Florida, bound for Fort Myers. Prior to his disappearance, he told friends that he’d “lost a lot of money through trading activities and that he planned to kill himself.”

According to a criminal complaint filed in the Eastern District of New York, Price became a director of the southern Georgia bank after PFG LLC, a company he controlled, bought a controlling portion of the bank’s stock in December 2010.

In early 2011, Price was given the responsibility of  investing the
bank’s capital, so he opened brokerage accounts that cleared through a securities clearing and custodial firm in New York and told the bank’s management that he planed to invest the bank’s money in Treasury securities.

That never happened, though — instead, Price wired millions of
dollars in bank funds to accounts that he personally controlled at other financial institutions and provided his bank with bogus documents to give the appearance that he’d invested the bank’s money in Treasury securities.

The complaint also notes that Price told friends that he owns homes in Venezuela and Guatemala, and he’s recently traveled to Venezuela as recently as June 2, 2012.

That said, the feds now want your help — anyone who knows where to find Price is asked to contact the FBI’s New York office at (212) 384-1000.