Espresso To Stay, Surfboard To Go?


Where do you intend to use that thing? Kips Bay?

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New York real estate makes for some mighty screwy bedfellows. No sooner had coffee-bar-turned-restaurant Doma been unceremoniously ejected from its West Village digs at the corner of Perry Street and Waverly Place than the brown paper went up in the windows, and the space started incubating. The result was Saturdays Surf, another coffee bar — but a coffee bar with a difference.

With a picture of a jungle scene in the background, the new surf shop is also a coffee bar.

The difference lies in the fact that the coffee bar is also a surf shop, selling a selection of colorful long boards, plus the kind of apparel calculated to make people think you’re a surfer, even if you aren’t.

The coffee comes from the Philly roasters La Colombe Torrefaction, and the usual range of drips and espresso-based beverages are available.

Naturally, I asked the barista if the place ever sells any surfboards, since this seemed like a strange place to go in search of surfing equipment. “Yes,” he replied, “an average of one per day since we opened a couple of weeks ago.”

You can tell Saturdays is a serious coffee bar, because they also sell Mast Brothers chocolate bars.

Not long ago, it was Doma.

Saturdays Surf
17 Perry Street

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on July 3, 2012

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