If You Post a Pic of Your Bank Card, @NeedaDebitCard Might Tweet The Photo


OK, so there seem to be two things going on here, both of them strange (and brought to our attention by the Voice’s Steven Thrasher.)

The first: People post photos of their debit cards online, for all the world to see. And we’re talking detailed pics — with identifying info like their names, account number, expiration date, etc.

The second: There’s apparently an anonymous Twitter account, @NeedADebitCard, which curates these photos and tweets them as a public service. The account’s tagline is “Please quit posting pictures of your debit cards, people.”

So yes: as we peel our incredulous jaws off the floor and try to make sense of it all — people actually post their cards online, and a twitter account re-posts them as a PSA — maybe reconsider pinning up your plastic?

We’re also trying to get in contact with the account’s admins to confirm what’s up (though it looks pretty believable, we would like to know for sure.) We’ll update if we hear back.

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