Buzzkill Israeli Scientists Breed Highless Medical Marijuana



Wait, sorry, let’s back up a bit: An Israeli firm has apparently developed highless marijuana for medical purposes, Reuters reports.

So, yes: Whyyyyyyyyy?

As awful as that sounds, there’s actually a point, and it’s a palliative one: Some people who can benefit from medical marijuana do not like feeling high, so this would provide treatments such as pain relief without the buzz.

How does it work, you might ask?

Pot has more than 60 cannabinoids — chemical components that make up the active ingredients in cannabis. The most famous one — the one that gets you high — is THC.

However, medical researchers these days are very interested in cannabidiol, which they think has anti-inflammatory benefits. That substance doesn’t get you stoned.

Some cannabis plants worldwide have more cannabidiol and less THC.

Starting in 2009, the Israeli research team started breeding strains to develop a plant that didn’t have any THC — only cannabidiol.

About six months ago, Reuters reports, they released Avidekel.

This strain has about 15.8 percent cannabidiol and virtually no THC.

The scientists working on the project, led by the Galilee-based lab’s Zack Klein, say that Avidekel can help treat “rheumatoid arthritis, colitis, liver inflammation, heart disease, and diabetes.”

Klein also clarified that THC fans don’t have to fret — run-of-the-mill maryjane ain’t going anywhere anytime soon, he assured.

“Don’t worry, I think that cannabis with THC will still be (around),” he told reporters.


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