Cops: Pennsylvania Mom Smoked Bath Salts in Maternity Ward, Attacked Hospital Staff


Two days after giving birth, Carla Murphy, a resident of Altoona, Pennsylvania, smoked bath salts in the hospital’s maternity ward and then attacked the medical center’s staff, according to various media reports.

Nurses first became suspicious of Murphy because she reportedly was sweating profusely and “was then found naked and rolling around on the shower floor,” according to the International Business Times.

They tried to subdue her and she started shouting and cursing. The nurses called the cops who searched her belongings, which contained evidence of bath salts.

They then gave Murphy an anti-psychotic drug, which didn’t do anything to calm her. Instead of staying in her room, she is said to have fought the police and hospital staff — and tried to bite an officer — until the meds kicked in and knocked her out.

According to the Associated Press, law enforcement officials <ahref=”” target=”_blank”>also found drug paraphernalia at Murphy’s residence.

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