Interview With NYC’s Bitchiest, Most Incorrect Drag Queen!


Bianca Del Rio swept into New York from New Orleans after Katrina rendered her not homeless, just bored.

Since then, her utter hatred of people–in her hilariously lacerating act as the drag queen of mean–has made her so popular you can’t throw a club event without the bitch.

Check out my sizzling interview with Bianca in this week’s column, where she gives her opinions on her drag co-stars, pesky audience members, and whether the racial stereotypes she dabbles in happen to be sardonic or true.

Furthermore, Bianca rips sad-sack drag queens a new one by saying that they need to stop using their sad childhoods as a crutch and just get out there and perform!

Listen up, people and take it seriously, or she’ll cut you!

The nails alone.

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