Year of the Takeout Day 185: Hing Lung Kitchen


Fried Sweet Donuts from Hing Lung Kitchen (644 Vanderbilt Avenue, 718-789-7999)

So there’s nothing outright Cantonese-American about these donuts.

In fact, if I saw correctly, the woman behind the counter at Hing Lung popped the dough balls out of what appeared to be a cylinder of Pillsbury biscuits and then dropped them in the deep frier.

Discussions of donut authenticity aside — they mostly taste like the fluffy, floury fritters encountered at a Thai eatery — this $2.75 dessert is a hearty treat.

The sprinkling of sugar provides a sweet, slight crunch, adding a necessary edge to so simple a dish.

Our only regret: We didn’t wash down these puffs with a glass of cold milk when they were straight out of the kitchen.

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