Yesterday’s Fire Island Invasion Brought All New Drag Names


Every year, a boat full of gussied-up drag queens cruises from Fire Island’s Cherry Grove into the harbor of the Pines as an annual protest of the time Grove drag queens were denied drinks at the Pines’ Blue Whale because they weren’t “real women.”

This is sort of like Stonewall in reverse–we’re commemorating our community’s own oppression of itself–though the drags make it glitzy and fun and celebratory, with lots of camp and circumstance.

And yesterday, they looked amazing–and had truly memorable names to boot.

Among the drag stars disembarking to cheers from the crowd:

Eva Patron

Sue Nami

Jasmine Rice

Fat Buckley

Melba Toast

Poca Cuntas

Sandy Crack

Sandy Knees (no relation)

Penny Primavera

Juicy Cliture

Anita Groom

Beth Page

Brooke Haven

Ann Phetamine

Sue Pository

Sarabelle Palsy

And of course the dazzling Tamara Morning.

Enjoy the photos by Colin Shanley!

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