And The Best McDonald’s “Real Fruit Smoothie” Is…


Sorry, Wild Berry.

My apologies, Strawberry Banana.

You both tried your best, but your mothers must not have dolled you up in westernwear and taught you how to strut and sashay to the beat as the judges took notes.

And so you lose this particular tawdry title, which goes to…

Mango Pineapple!

It’s just the right amount of tangy, and you can taste the low-fat yogurt hoe-downing it up with the fruity flavors, making for a smoothie that’s tropical and summery and refreshing–and it knows how to sport westernwear and do a swivel too.

And how do I happen to know this?

Nunya business!

I mean a friend told me!

Anyway, don’t sweat it, Wild Berry and Strawberry Banana, because if something bad happens to Mango Pineapple, like her mother gets sent to prison for using an offspring to fulfill her own shattered dreams, then you get a chance at the top prize again!

Won’t that be sweet?

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