“Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters Bully Famous Gay Writer!”


And that writer is little old me!

Sorry this is a few days old–I’ve got to bing myself more often–but I just came upon a fascinating article with the above title that pits Gaga’s camp against my own.

It talks about the verbal assault on Twitter, Facebook, and La Daily Musto on behalf of Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters, who apparently came out in droves and used vile epithets against me because I simply reported a legal battle the star is going through.

See, all I did was run a little blog where a source claimed that trademark owners for Gaga Pure Platinum cosmetics were being bullied by Gaga’s team to give it up.

And I ran Gaga’s side of the story too. It’s called reporting!

And out came the Little Monsters to stink up the air with insults, furiously accusing me of being a bully while they bullied me to stop!

And according to the article, a top San Diego radio station has asked Gaga to tell them to stop–or at least to speak out about the whole mess in an attempt to curb the dumb name calling.

This is hilarious. There are more levels of bullying going on here than in a Roman Catholic schoolyard.

The Monsters’ remarks didn’t bother me, mind you–mainly because I didn’t even read them!

When that many idiotic comments come flooding in, I simply sit back and say, “Thanks for the traffic, kids” while avoiding a look at the damaged yet somehow touching sentiments.

So, thank you Monsters. Keep bullying me, ka-ching, ka-ching.

But I think you’re misrepresenting your Lady’s message. A lot.