The Trouble With The Tom/Katie Divorce Theories


Everyone’s carrying on about how Katie Holmes started becoming oppressed by Scientology and feared that little Suri would get swept up into the whole thing, and she decided that she wanted to protect her precious child!


Wasn’t that one of the main points of the marriage?

Didn’t Katie enter into this knowing that it was some kind of Scientology-promoting love fest and the spawn she exfoliated before they even wed was planned to be a golden example of Scientology Trek: The Next Generation?

Suddenly we’re supposed to believe that Katie is so concerned about saving this poor child from the clutches of the religion–even though she brought her into the world as part of a hellish commingling that was quite upfront about itself?

I’m not buying it.

This isn’t Rosemary’s Baby. Nobody made secret deals behind anyone’s back here.

More likely, Katie’s nutty nuptials gave her a potential out seven years after Tom started the couch jumping, and they announced it right after promotion for Tom’s Rock of Ages was as over as the movie itself.

And now Katie won’t say a word–believe me.

But ironically, she’ll get more of a career now than she did in the marriage.

(She’ll enjoy a rush of public support similar to what Nicole got post-Tom–but no Oscar this time. Sorry, hon.)

And Suri–who looks very much like her mother, by the way–will grow into a major celebrity.

She’s already got the star power–and the clothes.

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