Air-Tight Security Around New Batman Film


Normally, reviews and mentions of a movie are embargoed by the film studio until a few days before the opening, but in the case of The Dark Night Rises, participating press have been warned by Warner Brothers to not tweet, review, or mention the film in any way until opening day (July 20)!

There is more hush-hush secrecy around this thing than any project since Mitt Romney‘s plan to save the economy, and no one’s sure if the ferocity is coming from Christopher Nolan, the studio, or Anne Hathaway’s makeup artist.

Just like June Allyson in those old commercials, they don’t want any leakage!

You can’t even text your boyfriend!

If you even quote from the omnipresent trailer, you’ll probably get carted off to the remains of the set of Shutter Island and left there for sanitation!

Press are trembling and biting their tongues as they enter screenings, knowing they can’t even tell their own mothers what happens between Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, Hathaway, and the inevitable Morgan Freeman.

In my case, I’m not the least bit worried.

First of all, I’m the soul of discretion.

Secondly, I haven’t been invited to see the movie!

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