Move Over, Evita! Imelda, The Musical Is Coming


And it’s by the guy who wrote “Psycho Killer”!

Here’s the official description of Here Lies Love, coming to the Public next April:

“Within a throbbing dance club atmosphere, David Byrne and Fatboy Slim desconstruct the astonishing journey of Filipina First Lady Imelda Marcos and her meteoric rise and subsequent descent into infamy.

“This wholly immersive spectacle combines disco beats, adrenaline-fueled choreography, and a remarkable 360-degree scenic and video environment to go beyond Imelda’s near-mythic obsession with shoes and explore true questions of power and responsibility.”

The kids on the boards are already going nuts with suggested songs like “There’s No Business Like Shoe Business.”

Well, let me add a few showstopping numbers of my own:

“You Don’t Need a Filipenis To Rule a Country”

“No, I’m Not A Heel, But I Wear One Really Well”

“If I Only Had a Midsole”

“I’m The Dictator’s Wife With The Mostess of Them All”

“Stand Back, Quezon City!”

“I Say Jewels, You Say Graft…”

And the immortal…”My Resignation Is In a Large Manila Envelope”

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