Tom Controlled Katie’s Life?


According to a new report, Tom Cruise allegedly kept a close eye on wifey Katie Holmes, sometimes treating her like a fragile possession for whom he needed to call the shots.

He allegedly had a movie studio scrap posters of Katie in a “compromising position.”

And he’d insist she fly on his private plane, where she could be watched over, rather than fly with her other cast members.

To which I say:

*If the first allegation is true, maybe he simply wanted her image to be more controlled and high-class. Pimps do this with their escorts all the time, why shouldn’t movie stars do it with their trophies?

*As for the second one, studios don’t like stars of the same movie to fly together anyway. It’s a risk for them to do that–if a bird flies into the engine, they could end up with no stars! And besides, who wouldn’t rather fly on a private jet anyway?

You might say “Well, Tom should have at least consulted Katie about these things” and “All that scrutiny and control could make someone freak out a little” and you’d be so right.

But here’s where I’d interject that I have little sympathy for the devil–nor for those who enter into a contract with Him.

Katie seems to have agreed to some hellish yet glamorous life that made her a pawn and a queen.

Then you want to complain about it?

It’s like if I became a nun and then moaned, “But they expect you to read the bible and to have your lesbian sex in private!”

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