Wimbledon: Lest We Forget The Great Angus Podgorny


As reported on, First Minister Alex Salmond — who watched the Wimbledon from the Royal Box — summed It up best: “Andy played an outstanding match and did Scotland proud.”

The minister, of course, was describing Andy Murray in defeat at the Wimbledon finals against now-7-time winner Roger Federer.

Aye, that he did, and in defeat, Murray went a long way towards erasing the reputation of the Scots as, in the words of Monty Python, “the worst tennis playing nation on earth.” It’s unfair, though, that Wimbledon officials have chosen to ignore the memory of Angus Podgorny. All week we’ve been told that the last Brit to win Wimbledon was Fred Perry back in 1936. How soon they forget.

It was almost 43 years ago that Angus Podgorny, the plucky little Scots tailor, made a heroic stand for the human race when he faced off against a sweet pudding made from almond milk from beyond the stars at Wimbledon. Apparently the stuffed shirts who regulate Wimbledon subsequently decided not to honor Angus because his opponent was intergalactic.

Next year, we’ll give odds it will be Murray’s time. But until then, let’s bid the pipes to play Scotland Forever and down a pint as we relive Angus’s moment of glory against the Blancmange.


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