Year of the Takeout Day 189: Harvest


Sliced Fish with Hot Chili Peppers from Harvest (1502 1st Avenue, 212-988-2278)

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Harvest bills itself as Chinese and Thai cuisine, and it does seem like the restaurant’s setup could reflect the future of “Cantonese” eateries — rather than fusion, the establishment offers authentically Americanized versions of both cuisines.

We were intrigued by the fish, in part because of the weird experience we had at Christopher Golden Wok.

This $12.50 pick is big enough to eat for three meals (which is what we’re doing because we really are eternal bachelors), and the seafood fares very well: The flounder has been dusted lightly with a batter, giving a savory, doughy crunch.

The sauce, meanwhile, features plentiful chili rings and oil — maybe even mashed pepper flecks, too — and achieves that hard-to-get balance of garlic, salt, and heat, providing the drier vibe of a prig khing curry.

Overall, Harvest’s selection is surprisingly good.


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