New York

Bloomberg Wants The Minimum NYC Apartment To Be Smaller


He wants us to drink smaller sodas and now our kindly mayor would also like us to have the option of living in tinier apartments.

(And you thought it wasn’t possible!)

You see, 400 square feet officially constitutes the smallest a new apartment can be in NYC.

But Bloomie is letting developers attempt a project where they envision 300 square foot studios–or “micro-units”–complete with kitchenette, bathroom, and foldout bed.

That’s barely enough room for my ego, let alone my hats from the ’80s!

Before you get all tied up in a big snit over this, bear in mind that there are apparently some good reasons behind it.

The number of singles or duos in the city has increased, and some of them have been forced into illegal apartments which are fire hazards.

So to me the answer is probably…move to a farm! A nice, large one!

Heading there with my ice pick–I mean pitchfork–as we speak.

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