Finally: Pigs-in-Blankets for Adults!


Small no more, and maybe better than a corn dog

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Remember how, when you were a kid forced to go to a wedding, birthday party, quinceanera, or bar mitzvah, you ran excitedly to the buffet table to see if there were any pigs-in-blankets left? And stuffed as many tiny weenies into your trap as you could get by with, savoring every doughy and garlicky bite? Well, now you can enjoy a mega-size version of the treat.

The oinker comes as part of a bargain boxed lunch.

In their attempt to find out which German baked specialties will fly in New York, Landbrot has been experimenting with all sorts of things, most recently a so-called “frankfurter roll”: a sausage-quality hot dog wrapped in a yeast-risen roll with a shiny, egg-washed surface.

When you bite into it, you’ll discover that mustard had been smeared on the wiener before it was baked in the roll. A nifty idea, and something you don’t find in conventional frozen pigs-in-blankets.

Another plus: Even though the tariff of $4.50 sounds steep, it turns out that the thing comes with a nicely dressed green salad (Is that a raspberry vinaigrette I’m tasting?) and a scoop of vegetarian German potato salad (no bacon in there I could find). Does that make eating pigs-in-blankets healthy? Nah!

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185 Orchard Street

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