New Fresh and Frozen Yogurt by Grand Central


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The Yogurt Culture Company opened yesterday a half block south of Grand Central. The small cafe is serving fresh and frozen yogurt with a variety of toppings, along with muffins, and a few sandwiches–perfect for all the poor souls waiting for their airport shuttles (see below). Though the shop is a subsidiary of Dannon, the industrial manufacturer, it operates independently. The yogurts are produced in relatively small batches with milk from Battenkill Valley Creamery (the Greek yogurt is produced with milk from a variety of dairies in the State College, PA area).

I tried a dulce de leche and a Greek frozen yogurt, which were gently sweet, thick and creamy, with a very mild tang. There’s fresh yogurt available too, with crunchy toppings plus squeeze bottles of honey and simple syrup to sweeten it to your taste, but I found that late in the afternoon, the metal tins of fresh yogurt were a bit crusty…and decided to skip it on this first visit.

The Yogurt Culture Company, 125 Park Avenue

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