Pork Arista Sandwich at Eataly Rosticceria, Dish #99


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Roast pork is a staple of Tuscan rotisseries, a common sight in the countryside where they constitute a large proportion of the restaurants frequented by actual residents of the region, but often eschewed by tourists as being too uninteresting.

Nothing could be further from the truth. These places turn out herb-rubbed roast chickens, potatoes crunchy with caramelized bits and fresh rosemary, and, invariably, cuts of pork loin and shoulder nicely rimmed with fat and well-salted. At Eataly Rosticceria, the loin is slow cooked in the vertical rotisseries, thick sliced, and peppered after the meat is cut and put into a demi-baguette (in Italy, you’d be more likely to get it with a flatbread of some sort).

The sandwich is amazing, and supremely elegant in its simplicity, and you could almost eat one every day. And unless you have a big appetite, you should share it with a friend.

Eataly Rosticceria
200 Fifth Avenue

At Eataly’s Rosticceria counter, a different meat is highlighted every day, and contorini are available, too.

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