Yunnan Kitchen’s 5 Best Dishes


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This week Counter Culture dive bombs into Yunnan Kitchen, which name checks a remote region in southwest China famous for its mushrooms and non-Chinese ethnicities. While I sometimes found the food blander than it ought to be, there were several electrifying dishes, of which the 5 best are enumerated here.

5. Fingerling Potato and Shishito Pepper Shao Kao (above) — These sprice-rubbed shish kebabs pack a lot of flavor and the premium quality of the raw materials put the dish over the top.

4. Crispy Whole Shrimp — A plenitude of shrimp, shell on, are fried with lime leaf. Both go crunch for an aromatic tour-de-force. Yes, you must eat the heads for maximum effect.

3. Tofu Ribbon Salad — Yuba has rarely had a better showcase than this light salad dressed with mint and cilantro.

2. Fried Potato Balls — Don’t know how they got them so perfectly round, and even if they weren’t they’d be utterly enjoyable.

1. Cold Noodle — Though these are not the Cross the Bridge Noodles the province is famous for, they’re damn good, perfect summer cooling far featuring ground pork, herbs, and peanuts.

Yunnan Kitchen
79 Clinton Street