Harvey Fierstein: “With Newsies, We Started With Something Awful”


Tony winning gay legend Harvey Fierstein is a fan of Newsies the show, which he wrote the script for, but he’s not a gigantic cheerleader for the movie it’s based on.

In discussing his newest show–a stage musical version of the feelgood drag footwear movie Kinky Bootshe says:

“The movie is charming.

“That was not the case with Newsies, where we started with something awful,” he added, laughing.

“We have more freedom on Kinky Boots because it’s not a cult film like Newsies.

“And the people who loved Newsies wanted it to stay awful.”

I love this kind of realness, which is so rare in overly sanitized show biz these days.

And as my momma always said, “God bless the cult film that’s got its own.”

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