Have You Tried Laundromat Soft-Serve?


Is the cone filled with laundry detergent?

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Real estate makes strange gastro-bedfellows, as demonstrated last week in a piece on a combination coffee bar and surf shop called Saturdays Surf. Well, a more incredible example has now presented itself.


Blueberry, one of 24 soft serve flavors you can enjoy while washing your clothes.

At the corner of Manhattan and Huron in Greenpoint, M & W Laundromat looks like any other similar establishment in the five boroughs, except that an ice cream parlor has been planted in the front amid the piles of sorted laundry. Cones sell for $3 each, and the place uses a novel system by which a powder is added to the soft-serve mix as it flows out the nozzle and into your cone, allowing you to select from a broader range of soft-serve flavors than usual.

There are some off-the-wall choices such as cheesecake and peanut butter, but most are predictable. While they add some interesting colorations to the the frozen product, the taste of the two tried by Fork in the Road (blueberry and caramel) had little ultimate impact. Too bad.

In 2009, the place was selling empanadas out of the space.

Still, not a bad diversion while you do your wash — just be careful not to get food on your just-washed clothes.

M & W Laundromat
995 Manhattan Avenue
Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Caramel tasted just like…vanilla.

The complete panoply of flavors runs to 24 (click to enlarge).