Occupy Wall Street Chained To 2004 Murder Of Sarah Fox


The Occupy Wall Street movement has been linked to the 2004 murder of a 21-year-old Julliard student — and that link is in a chain occupiers used to wreak havoc at a Brooklyn subway station earlier this year.

Police have linked DNA recovered from a chain occupiers used to hold open a gate at the Beverly Road subway station in East Flatbush in March to DNA recovered from a CD player found near the murder scene of Sarah Fox, an aspiring actress who was found murdered in Inwood Park in May of 2004.

Just because DNA found at the crime scene also was found on the chain, it doesn’t necessarily mean the killer is an occupier. While it could be, the DNA also could belong to anyone who passed by the open gate and made contact with the chain.

Fox was reported missing on May 19, 2004, after she went for a jog in
the park and never came home. Her body was found six days later,
strangled and decomposed in a heavily wooded part of the park, which
runs along the Hudson River.

A search of the area turned up a CD player she’d had strapped to her hip
when she went for her run. Forensic analysis of the CD player turned up
DNA, presumably belonging to Fox’s killer.

The chain was recovered from the subway station on March 28, after
masked occupiers used it to hold open a gate so people could enter the
subway without paying. The vandals were never identified, and no arrests were made.

According to media reports from the time of Fox’s murder, local
artist/self-proclaimed psychic Dimitry Sheinman had been eyed in the

From the New York Post:

Shortly after the body was found, Sheinman gave cops details about the crime that hadn’t been disclosed to the public.

He knew her rib had been broken, and that a stick had been placed between her legs.

Sheinman had a history of confrontations with runners and others in the park, and did jail time at Rikers for assault.

recently claimed that he had spoken to Sarah from beyond the grave and
that the name of her killer, a music teacher, had come to him “in a

We asked the NYPD whether DNA was ever taken from Sheinman at the time of the murder, and if it had been checked against the DNA recovered from the CD player. We also asked if the cops know where Sheinman is today, and if he could be an “occupier” (artist, self-proclaimed psychic — seems to fit the stereotype). They didn’t immediately get back to us early this morning. We’ll let you know if we hear back.