Penelope Cruz Has The Best Line In The Woody Allen Film


I caught up with Woody Allen‘s To Rome With Love, which is sort of like a feature–length Love American Style, but as done by an auteur.

Penelope Cruz is fun as a prostitute who’s pretending to be someone she’s not.

But she just can’t help herself.

During a group tour of the Sistine Chapel, someone looks up at the amazing art and observes, “Can you imagine doing all that work on your back?”

Responds Penelope:

I can!”

Alas, the line doesn’t get a huge laugh, partly because of the timing and the fact that’s it’s done in long shot.

But still, it’s funny.

Along with her, Woody and Judy Davis are lots of fun as bickering marrieds. (Woody really seems to have fetishized the idea of a woman who constantly deflates him, onscreen and off.)

And Roberto Benigni is actually the best one in the film, reasonably subdued in a fascinating plotline of a man who achieves bizarre fame and becomes addicted to it, missing the inane attention as it fades.

But the “young” plot is the one that’s on the most, and it’s a dud.

Oh, well. Even Love American Style had slow spots.

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