Scads Of Blind Items! Coke, Whoring, And Bestiality!


All right, I made a hideous joke by using the above photo of a blind character.

Get over it and dive into some even more tasteless tidbits.

It’s this week’s column, a cavalcade of anonymous skanking which will have you guessing with one hand while pulling out your hair with the other.

Let me hit you with just four for starters:

*Which wife of a conservative senator said to the wife of another conservative senator, “Callista Gingrich is a whore”?

*Which Oscar winner yelled at an assistant, “Why are you looking at me? Look at the wall!?” (Advice well taken.)

*Which really old Broadway legend tells friends that she only got pregnant because her ex-athlete husband punctured holes in her diaphragm?

*Which late socialite’s daughter…? (No, I can’t even go through with this one again. Just check out the column. It’s the bestiality one. You’ll gag on whatever dead animal you’re eating.)

One more question:

Whet yet?

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