Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton, The Hilarious New Odd Couple?


GOP Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney apparently has a new BFF: Hillary Clinton.

In this spot, released today, the announcer states: “Candidate Obama lied about Hillary Clinton” followed by a clip of her saying, “so shame on you, Barack Obama.”

Yeah, we’re still taken aback by the weirdness of this coupling — Romney being a conservative Republican and Clinton being a liberal Democrat and all. And we’re guessing Hills didn’t OK being used by TeamRomney, considering she’s employed by Obama and not by America’s fav vulture capitalist.

But big budget buddy movies — bastions of existential truth that they are — have taught us time and time again that odd couples can quickly become besties, if not entirely inseparable.

So which buddy movie would best describe a MittHill mashup?

Well, we have a couple of options. (Note: A lot of them involve characters that are different genders and races than MittHill, but you get the general gist…Personalities clash! Shenanigans ensue! But we’re all closer in the end, right guys? Right?)

Anyway, there’s obvs always a case to be made for The Odd Couple and its many schticky quasi-spinoffs. Unlike Felix Ungar and Oscar Madison, MittHill wouldn’t be drawn together out of emotional desperation — they wouldn’t team up because they got dumped; they would team up because they want power.

And sure, while Hills might take more after Madison (with the texts and beer-soaked Colombian dancing) and Mitt might take more after Ungar, both seem like straight-laced neat freaks, so you wouldn’t have the built-in hygienic or interpersonal conflicts that make the Odd Couple work so well.

Our next option? The jump from lawmaker to law enforcer isn’t too big a leap — especially since both groups tend to bend rules to benefit themselves — so maybe MittHill would fit best in a buddy cop movie?

One of the best known in this subgenre, of course, is Lethal Weapon, but neither Mitt nor Hills seems unhinged — or mullet-dreamy — enough to play Riggs, and neither really comes across as doggedly set in his ways as Murtaugh. No, MittHill aren’t nihilistic hotshots — but they also aren’t getting too old for this shit, either.

There’s always Blue Streak, and Mitt kinda does have a bit of a Luke Wilson vibe, but Hills does not have the mouth or criminal background of Martin Lawrence’s character.

Rush Hour also has its problems. Romney doesn’t strike you as a nimble martial artist/child protector, and Hills doesn’t seem at home behind the wheel of a ’72 Corvette Stingray.

Overall, though, the big problem is that these cop characters like wielding power — be it in cracking a case or pistol-whipping a bad guy — but not for the over-arching goal of controlling others leadership, which is the type of power politicians tend to seek.

Almost too obvious a choice is My Fellow Americans.

Here, the diametric duo teams up to save each other and winds up saving their political careers in the process. (Tagline: “They used to run the country. Now they’re running for their lives!”)

Thing is, an important part of My Fellow Americans is that, while the ex-Presidents are on the lam in “real America,” they are confronted by the impact their policies had on real Americans’ lives. They aren’t just dynamic characters who learn the error of their ways, but dynamic politicians who ultimately enact positive reform.

Romney still denies outsourcing and being the slash-and-burn businessman that axed a lot of middle-American jobs. And, Hills is a career pol with close ties to her party. The chance for change from either of them is minimal.

So what is our pick? Without a doubt, it’s See No Evil, Hear No Evil .

C’mon: The movie’s theme is “the blind leading the deaf.”

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