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Average Manhattan One-Bedroom Rental Is Now $3386 A Month!


Thank God I’m not renting anymore!

A one-bedroom currently averages $3386 a month, which is up 11.5% from last year.

Think you should just rent a studio instead?

Well, a Manhattan studio averages $2569, up 18.8% from last year!

A two-bedroom averages a whopping $4686, up 5.2 % from 2011.

And a three-bedroom apartment?

Who cares? Anyone who lives in a three-bedroom these days is a greedy, unrealistic pig, even if they have nine kids.

Looks like the horrid mortgage crisis has driven people to rent instead of buy, and the result has driven up rates to the point of absurdity.

I’m actually looking forward to those 300-feet foldout-bed dives that Bloomberg is advocating.

They should only be $2500!

Thanks to kenneth in the (212) for the tip.

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