BREAKING: Barack Obama, Mitt Romney Say Vague Things To Please Voters


This just in: a new report from the Associated Press indicates that career politicians might make vague campaign promises to please voters — but might not have specific solutions for the county’s ills.

The AP’s groundbreaking investigation — released today — indicates that this trend is being felt most deeply in country’s presidential contest, as President Barack Obama and G.O.P contender Mitt Romney have not offered voters clear ideas for addressing national concerns, such as the deficit or unemployment.

And in what can only be described as a unique twist in the American electoral process — typically characterized by voter confidence and enthusiasm, never low turnout — voters have voiced dismay with the Obama-Romney race and local contests.

As detailed by the AP, Obama has decided to hold off on key policy decisions until a possible second term, and has decided that a “long-term plan to simplify the tax code could wait.”

On Romney’s part, he promises a “civil but resolute” plan on immigration, but has given no details, as with his pledged repeal of Obamacare, leaving states to decide.

And at the state level and in the federal legislature, voters will likely reelect incumbents they do not like, leaving some to wonder whether American voters have become frustrated — which has never been an issue in U.S. politics.

We will keep you updated with any developments.


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