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How Did Brooklyn Perv Andrew Goodman Get Off With A 2-Year Prison Sentence? Seriously…How?


A Brooklyn pervert convicted of molesting a pair of brothers for years proudly declared during his sentencing hearing yesterday his unwavering love for one of his victims, a 17-year-old boy — all as the boy sat just feet away, shaking in fear, before calling his abuser “the devil disguised as a human.”

“Every second of every day, all that I think about is [you],” convicted creep Andrew Goodman reportedly said of his victim during his sentencing hearing yesterday.

Judge Martin Murphy shot back, telling Goodman that “Your statement that you made today was ill-advised, to say the least.”

Only not really; Murphy’s the same judge who signed off on a sweetheart, slap-on-the-wrist plea agreement for Goodman that puts the perv away for a mere two years — despite the fact that he was charged with 48 pervert-related felonies for abusing the boys for years.

As one of the victims pointed out during yesterdays hearing, 48 counts is more than the number of crimes with which Penn State monster Jerry Sandusky was charged. Unlike Goodman, Sandusky will die in prison.

Goodman’s been behind bars since his arrest in 2010, which means he
could potentially be out on the streets — possibly cuddling up to your
kids — by September.

So, how the fuck did this happen? Your guess is as good as ours
— the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office didn’t respond to our request
for an explanation.

Other news outlets have let the Brooklyn D.A. off the hook, placing the
blame for the ridiculous deal on the shoulders of Murphy (New York Post,
we’re looking in your direction). But plea deals don’t exist without
prosecutors (a judge can either accept or reject the deal), which means
the Brooklyn D.A. had to sign off on the shitty deal — much to the
apparent dismay of the victim, who told the court that “The best thing
for [Goodman] and society is if you’re locked in a cage away from
society – especially children.”

Oh, and if you think the sentence is appropriate, and Goodman will learn
his lesson in two short years (read: if you’re an idiot), Goodman’s
neighbors have video footage of him sneaking up to 11 underage boys in
and out of his 15th Street home in “predawn hours.”

So, yeah — this guy’s gonna be a free man in a few months, and you can
thank the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office and Judge Martin Murphy.

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