In Bed With Julio Gaggia! Photos By Alex Geana


Venezuelan photographer Julio Gaggia is doing a publicity stunt, I mean performance piece, by living in the window of the BoConcept furniture store on 18th Street for five days, so naturally I wanted a piece of the action, especially since his window apartment is way nicer than my real one.

So I hosted a movie night there last night, showing old Ann-Margret specials while owners Shaoko and Niki Cheng ordered enough takeout Chinese for a Macedonian army.

Excited by Ann-Margret’s pelvic thrusts and tata shimmying, I got to lie in bed with Julio to experience another feature I don’t have in my real apartment.

For a few wonderful moments, I was Lady Gaggia!

Thanks to Alex Geana for the photos.

Spent, I then searched the joint, where I happened upon a shiny, silver “U” piece that I quickly turned into my own performance art.

After the night’s many cries of “Fuck me” this seemed refreshing.

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