James Franco Is Working On A Whole New “Homo-Sex-Art Film”


The gayest straight man in history–or maybe the straightest gay man–James Franco has a delightful taste for the homo-sexy-arty.

There was his short film The Feast of Stephen, a controversial melange of gang banging and desire that was a far cry from the typical student project, thank you.

Let’s not forget the gayest biopic ever made, Milk.

And the second gayest biopic ever made, Howl.

And of course there was The Broken Tower, in which Franco played writer Hart Crane, with his marvelous propensity for blowing sailors.

Hey, that was the gayest biopic ever made. (Drop Milk to number two, and so on.)

Jimmy is my kind of cine-ass!

Well, now word has leaked, as it were, that Franco will team with filmmaker Travis Matthews to create a whole new homo-sex-art film that’s gonna ruffle feathers when it plays in a NYC space sometime soon.

I will be there, dressed like Caesar from Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

After all, Franco played Will Rodman.

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