Strange Happenings In Tom Cruise’s Building


First of all, the media is wrong in continually stating that Tom Cruise has a townhouse on 12th Street.

The reality is it’s a duplex on 13th Street, in the American Felt Building, where American Psycho author Bret Easton Ellis also lives.

My sources say Tom bought the place after doing Risky Business, so it has sentimental value for him and he’ll never get rid of it, even if he’s not really there a lot of the time. (And now Katie won’t be there at all anymore.)

They also joke that since it’s a rooftop duplex, it’s easy access to the spaceship.

(It’s a big Scientology building.)

But anyway, on a whole other note, there were some icky happenings in the building three years ago.

Someone who owned a co-op there would find that his apartment had been broken into–with no signs of break-in–and his appliances were all burned out and not working.

Or his Venetian blind cords were weirdly tied together.

Or his furniture was rearranged and personal photos and books had been taken.

The man went through all the proper channels to get to the bottom of it and to find justice, but no one could help.

Someone wanted him to leave.

He eventually did so.

For an exit vehicle, he simply chose the elevator to the lobby.

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