Year of the Takeout Day 192: Stinky, Stinky Durian


Durian, from Chinatown supermarket

A few weeks back, when we saw durian, we named the purported “king of fruits” — with its Bowser looks and greasy socks smell — the “the most aggro fruit in all the land.”

So intimidated (and cheap) were we, however, that we dared not approach, lest the spiky beast wake from his odiferous slumber.

But with time’s passage comes courage.

So we decided today to pony up for a fresh durian.

At the stand we vistied, they’re sold whole, and the price is by-the-pound, and the vendor was kind enough to slice open its Smaug-like hide for a small tip.

The flesh kinda has the air of a garlicky, salty, banana-mango blend. Not our fav. Maybe it’s an acquired taste? Maybe we got an unripe or overripe one? We actually just lost our d-cards today, so yeah, we can’t compare it to other durian! Who knows? Point is, durian is a noble-looking food that can easily double as a helmet! And hooray helmets, right?


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