4Knots: A Crowd Surfer’s Perspective


C.S. Muncy

I’ve attended a healthy number of concerts in my day, but there’s one thing that I’ve never done: Crowdsurfed. Blame it on a fear of heights, or a vague distrust of other people, or whatever, but riding the wave of fellow concert-goers has never been an activity for me. However, thanks to the efforts of Voice photographer C.S. Muncy, who has as part of his arsenal the wearable camera known as the GoPro, I can now sort of figure out what the experience is like, at least from a sight perspective. Below, a lovely gif chronicling his surfing of yesterday’s 4Knots Music Festival crowd during the set by Crocodiles. Grab some sunscreen and spray it right in your face before you look at it, so you can at least get some of the sensory experience offered by riding a throng of humanity. (Maybe if you have a friend or two nearby you could ask them to lightly grapple your backside? Only if you’re comfortable with them, of course!)

C.S. Muncy

Look at all those hands! And check out our gallery of the crowd moshing and surfing for more on-the-ground (or, er, over it) perspective.

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