Ezme With Homemade Pitas at Hazar, Dish #94


Welcome to 100 Dishes to Eat Now, the tasty countdown leading up to our “Best of 2012” issue. Tune in each day (weekends too!) for a new dish from the Fork in the Road team.

Tired of all the usual Middle Eastern/Greek/Turkish bread dips like hummus, babaganoush, and tzatziki? Well, Bay Ridge newcomer Hazar has a further choice, and one that is especially welcome in summer: ezme, styled on the menu as “spicy salad.”

An almost painful shade of bright red, it contains tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, and walnuts, and delivers a nice dose of chile heat, really about the only thing that does so in a Turkish restaurant besides the long green peppers that often accompany kebabs (though not at Hazar).

The place also makes spectacularly puffy pitas in its oven, which are sometimes delivered to the table piping hot. Use them to dip the ezme for a perfect light summer meal, perhaps accompanied by some stuffed grape leaves or fried calves liver.

7224 Fifth Avenue
Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

Homemade pitas at Hazar