New Yorker Comes to the Aid of Fellow Subway Rider


Though I’ve seen my fair share of strange incidents caught on video camera and phone, this one is actually warms my (cold, brittle, feminist) heart a bit.

The video, taken at 9:30 pm on Friday night at the Lorimer Street L station, shows the inside of a subway car just as an altercation breaks out — a woman accuses a young man, yelling, “he touched me,” and another man comes to her aid, dragging the assailant off the train in order to wait for the police.

The video doesn’t show the alleged sexual assault — so that’s something that the police will need to sort out on their own. But amidst all the reports of rapes that go unsolved, and victims that get blamed, it’s nice to see a bystander stepping in on behalf of a fellow New Yorker. Happy Sunday!