Chloe Sevigny Flashes Her Prosthetic Penis


Chloe Sevigny played the love interest of Brandon Teena in the powerful Boys Don’t Cry, so she’s no stranger to projects about gender outlaws.

This time around, in DirecTV’s Hit & Miss, she’s a pre-operative hit man, and the shock value starts from the first frame; she is shown nude, complete with prosthetic penis, in the opening scene.

Chloe wasn’t too comfortable with that, she tells Out magazine (in a Max Berlinger-written cover story that quotes me about her allure).

“Being around the men on the set, being naked, and having that on, I just felt insecure and uncomfortable,” Sevigny admits.

“Plus the process to put it on was very involved.

“I had to shave myself, it’s glued on, painted, like any prosthetic. It’s not fun to have someone right up in your private parts.

“I think the root of why I was so upset with having it on was that I wasn’t fully trusting of the producers and directors.

“Now I can rest assured, because I’ve seen it, and it’s not gratuitous.

“It shouldn’t be a show about a fucking penis.”

And right now is where you should be extremely proud of me for not saying
“Speak for yourself,” and also for not saying anything in response to the bit about how it’s not fun to have people in your privates.

It’s called progress.

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