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Katie And Suri Are Catholic: Is That Really Better?


Loving, caring Katie Holmes has reportedly gone back to Roman Catholicism and she’s taken Suri with her.

As a lapsed Catholic, I have to ask: Is that really better than Scientology?

And the answer would be: Yeah, a little bit.

The Church has started holy wars, destroyed lives, demonized gays, oppressed women, and caused major problems in the world for centuries, all while preaching biblical messages of love and peace.

But they just pass a basket around once a week, into which you can throw a buck and feel all noble about it.

Scientology’s basket is always in your face, since they love large and constant deposits of cash to help fuel their frenzy.

They could probably suck you dry if you let them.

They’re also way more directly controlling, advising, and ominous about anyone in their midst, especially when you try to go against their grain.

Their level of mind domination is even more forcible than anything in the bible. It’s reportedly large-scale drama and way more creepy-culty than the horror of Catholicism, which you can generally block out with earplugs.

And they don’t seem to have any floats in Gay Pride parades any more than the Catholics do.

So I’d say Katie made a marginally better move.

But I’d be prouder of her if she said, “You know what? I’m renouncing all religion for my daughter and I.”

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