Why Aren’t Tom Cruise And John Travolta Better Friends?


After all, they have so much in common.

They’re both movie stars who’ve gotten second and third winds in their career, despite recent flicks that shall we say underperformed a bit, proving that titles with Rock or Savages don’t usually sell on the big screen.

They’re both extremely physical in their endeavors, they’ve both worn long hair for roles, they both grin a lot, and they’re both Scientologists with a strong belief in Hubbard’s holy scriptures.

And they’re ladykillers.

Shouldn’t Travolta step in right now to give lil’ Tom a shoulder to cry on and tell him how he and Kelly work things out so it lasts forever?

Shouldn’t John be more forthright with Tom about how to keep a Scientology marriage going so wifey is satisfied, comfortable, and ain’t going anywhere?

Maybe he should lend him the handcuffs.

And in the meantime, Kelly should probably call Katie and wonder, “How come we didn’t get careers out of this?”

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