Another Oscar Nomination For Meryl Streep


That’s what I hear will happen next year, thanks to her performance in Hope Springs, in which Meryl plays a woman seeking to jazz up her marital love life via bananas and other fruity accoutrements.

The trailer makes the film look just cute, but an insider who’s seen it says it’s more than that, especially since Meryl gives her usual level of nomination-bound performance.

Gee, I haven’t been so surprised since the last time she got nominated.

After all, the woman could read TMZ aloud and make it seem like friggin’ Shakespeare.

This would make 18 nominations for our Meryl, who is constantly trying to drum up new and exciting ways to say “Thank you.”

Hope springs that the iron lady will be sending postcards from the edge saying that once again she’s Oscar’s choice!

Oh, and the spy says that Tommy Lee Jones is so good as the creepy husband that he’s sure to grab a nomination too.

If so, I’m extremely thrilled for them.

But are they really happy?