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Anthony Weiner On Political Comeback: “It’s A Clown Story, Bro”


Don’t call it a comeback…

Shamed former congressman Anthony Weiner has chimed in on reports that he’s considering a run for mayor. Long story short: it ain’t happenin’…”bro.”

Reports swirled over the weekend that Weiner — who was forced out of office after tweeting pictures of his dick to several women (none of whom were his wife) and then lying about it (repeatedly) — was plotting a political comeback. Specifically, the reports claimed that the lying former pol was eying a run for mayor, if not next year, then in 2017. If he had to wait, reports claimed, he was planing to run for public advocate in the meantime in an attempt to regain some of the public’s trust — again, after lying to all of us…repeatedly.

Weiner, however, tells the Wall Street Journal in an email that any story of his impending comeback is “a clown story, bro.”

As we mentioned, the disgraced former representative issued his
statement via-email, which means he had ample time to formulate a
professional response to one of the largest publications in the world.
He went with “clown story, bro.”

Sorry to break your hearts, New York, but it appears we’ll have to wait
until someone named Johnson runs for mayor until we resurrect the
endless dick puns.

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